Our Vision of a Better Future

At Faith’s Hope, we have high hopes indeed.

HOPE that someday every homeless dog will have a loving family.

HOPE that someday companion dogs will not be sold in stores, better yet, will not be sold at all. No living being should ever be considered “merchandise.”

HOPE that someday there will be no puppy mills and shelters will no longer have to kill to make room for more.

HOPE that someday children, with the help of a dog, will grow up learning about love, compassion and respect for ALL life.

Many would say these are unrealistic hopes. But when you are faced with the reality that millions of companion dogs are destroyed each and every year simply because they are no longer wanted, our goals must be set high. Getting there will be difficult and it will require a great deal of hard work, persistence, faith, and above all . . . hope.

Faith’s Hope is a vision of a better future for our companion dogs. You don’t have to be involved in animal welfare for long to understand its mantra: “you just can’t save them
all.” But while we continue to save as many as we can, we as a society and as animal welfare advocates, must find a way to decrease the number of companion dogs that need to be saved. We must continue to ask ourselves why there are millions of unwanted dogs and work to find real answers and lasting solutions. We must also find ways to help people make wiser decisions about companion dogs. So, although Faith’s Hope will continue to help some individual dogs find a better life through its unique efforts, our focus will be on the big picture through advocacy and education.

Our efforts to help individual dogs will focus on those cases that seem hopeless, like those unfortunate souls that have been abandoned by their human long ago and find themselves living apart from human society. Dogs like Holly and Suki. Dogs like Cisco and Cora.
Dogs like Bart and Asa. These are just a few of the many dogs we have helped in the past decade. We will be posting their stories as we continue to build our website. Stories that are often heartbreaking, sometimes uplifting, always inspiring. But above all, stories that need to be told because they make a sometimes simplified and abstract problem, real.

And finally, we will be tireless advocates for the dogs America has abandoned in the last few decades, dogs that are misunderstood and killed by the thousands every single day: American Pit Bull Terriers and the overwhelming number of pit bull mixes.

On another front, our efforts will focus on educating people about dogs — to help them understand that the decision to bring a companion dog into their life is an important one, and should be made with careful thought. Our hope is that with better information and guidance, people will make wiser decisions about dogs that will lead to happy endings. As we grow, we also hope to assist truly devoted dog guardians so companion dogs can stay where they belong, with their human family.

That’s what Faith’s Hope is all about. Won’t you join us make our vision a reality?


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